About Us


We launched in 2016 and have been your fashion bestie ever since.

Style never sleeps and neither do we

It’s all about you. We create looks for both men & women who know what they want and want to

make a statement with every piece they wear. Our crew is always out and about scouting the best

street fashions from around the world to bring home and influence the clothes we design here in the

PAKISTAN. We know it’s all about the details that can make a world of difference.

Pearson Corp. is all about quality gear at great prices with new lines regularly dropping, getting you

the freshest looks when you need them most. And we have big plans for the future with more designs

coming, more colors, more accessories, everything that you need to tell the world your story. Find

your Freedom of Style.


In keeping with the Pearson commitment to quality, we combine technical fabrics with unique

construction techniques and technologies. At the core of our philosophy lies the DNA of our multifaceted active wear: simple, high-quality, everyday clothing with a practical sense of beauty.

Ingeniously designed for you to flaunt your cinched-in waist and shapely silhouette.